Monday, 18 March 2019

Narithookkil Jewellers

make happen your golden dreams


The beauty, lustre and intrinsic value of silver have made it an object of admiration and aspiration for centuries. We cares for over 10,000 objects in silver and gold from many parts of the kerala, and has more English silver and a greater range of objects than any other public collection.

The Silver Galleries set the Museum's breathtaking silver collections in their artistic, social, historical and geographical context. From a glittering English table centerpiece in silver and glass to a hearty Swedish beer tankard, from an 18th-century English baby’s rattle to a 17th-century Dutch silver-mounted coconut, there is a range of objects and styles to please every taste.

Explore over fifty original designs for silver ornaments. See, and learn in the Discovery Area. You can handle objects and explore the world of silver through touch-screen computers and interactive displays. You can stamp a silver mark and test your wits on silver subjects.